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Storage and loading systems for clamping pallets –
our WORK terminals

More productivity for small batch sizes
with automated handling of workpieces on clamping pallets.

Automating pallet handling always has two positive impacts: Productivity receives a substantial push and the investment pays for itself after a short time. And if you also choose a flexible system, e.g. one that is suitable for multiple machines and ideal for small batch sizes, the capacity of your production will automatically increase.

Welcome to the WORK terminal series from WASSERMANN

Use the modular principle for configuration. Select the design of your workpiece storage system based on the desired capacity. You then have many other options for configuring storage slots, pallet sizes, travel paths, and more.

CNC automation – loading system WORK-S round shelf

Your advantages

From fast amortization to time savings

Bring your machines up to speed

  • Productive – more throughput with the same number of staff
  • Space-saving – high pallet density on a small footprint
  • Economical – short amortization period quickly results in profit benefits
  • Time-efficient – setup of your pallets during production time and fast pallet changes
  • Competitive – ready for unmanned shifts
  • Demand-based – configurable capacity and handling
  • Resilient – high transfer weights up to 800 kg
  • Versatile – can be run on several machines and systems


CNC automation from WASSERMANN TECHNOLOGIE GmbH Customized solutions for your production

Why CNC automation?

Practical CNC automation – experience meets innovation

Efficient modernization with CNC automation

Your WORK terminal Configure your additional productivity

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No suitable workpiece storage system provided? Custom solution required?

Three architectures for your workpiece storage system

WORK-S: the standardized round shelf with plenty of space for adjustments

If you want to automate pallet feeding for one to two machine tools, WORK-S will meet your requirements. The S stands for shelf – the design as a shelf magazine. With up to 6 levels, the compact, cost-effective storage system offers space for up to 44/81 pallets of size d148 with dimensions up to 630 x 630 mm. Transfer weights up to 800 kg are possible.

WORK-S can be combined with almost any machine and impresses with a small footprint.

Our Terminal team can adapt WORK-S to your requirements. You are already using a high packing density in the basic configuration as a round shelf storage system. But there is always more. We can significantly increase the packing density by equipping your WORK-S with the patented WASSERMANN multi-drum.

WORK-S series

  • S for shelf – the compact, cost-effective shelf storage system for up to 44 pallets
  • Transfer weights up to 800 kg
  • Round shelves with up to 6 levels


WORK-L: linear linking

WORK-B: the bulk pallet station

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for storage and loading systems for clamping pallets

Sebastian Auth

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Asst. Head of Sales

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