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Are you a machine manufacturer that wants to automate machining centers for your customers? Or maybe a contract manufacturer that wants to increase spindle hours with your machines through unmanned production? 

WASSERMANN Technologie offers components, assemblies, and fully automatic terminal systems for automated tool and workpiece handling. For increased efficiency. For more productive machines. For greater competitiveness. 

WASSERMANN: Automation to the Power of Four

Comprehensive automation starts with ideas and extends to service and consulting. Learn why WASSERMANN’s four service areas are the perfect way to meet your automation goals.  

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WASSERMANN’s TERMINAL series offers a tremendous amount of space and customized automation for tools, workpieces, and pallets directly attached to your machines. For existing machines, it’s the fastest way to implement unmanned production. For new machines, it’s a complete solution for expanding capacity and manufacturing options. The TERMINALS from WASSERMANN – increase your production capabilities.

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You Can Reach a Million Too

There are many reasons why we’re the market leader for cam-controlled tool changing systems. For example, the 3 million tool changes a Wassermann system – that is still in operation today – completed over a 15-year period at a customer’s site. If you still prefer to use servo drives, however, you’ve automatically come to the right place.

On a daily basis in operation at customers around the world, WASSERMANN’s tool changers, magazines, and ready-to-install changing systems demonstrate just you can expect from us – quality, precision, operational safety, and customized solutions.   

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Stepping Gears

We design, optimize, and manufacture stepping gears that precisely maintain the speed of the work cycle – repetition after repetition.

Precision Parts

You can count on precise engineering, accurate analysis of tolerances, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.


Cams from WASSERMANN are designed with Optimus Motus, manufactured in-house, and built for millions of cycles.

Tool Terminal

The best way to store, manage, and automate numerous tools – for greater efficiency on every production floor.

Complex Assemblies

Analysis, design, manufacturing, software, and installation – we supply your assembly from a single source.

Workpiece Changer

The fast, powerful, and reliable workpiece changers from WASSERMANN get more out of your machines.   

Tool Magazines

We offer the right magazine for your machine. If not, we’ll build it ‑ so you can offer your customers the perfect workflow.

Tool Changer

We’ve been developing tool changers for over 20 years and manufacture more than 700 of them per year – and would gladly do so for your machines as well.   

Cam Technology – Mechanical Precision without Air or Servo 

Few components, short cycle times, extreme precision, long service life, and low maintenance – the advantages of cams over pneumatics and servo technology are often underestimated. And yet cam technology is ideal for pick-and-place and many other processes. We offer cam and cam gear analysis, design, and manufacturing from a single source.  

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This Is Just the Beginning

More information, a modern look, and clearly structured sections organized by topic – WASSERMANN is redesigning its website step by step. 

Our primary objective is to help our customers find the right automation solutions more quickly. 

This is the prelude to a completely new website. But before it launches, we want to provide detailed insights into our tool and workpiece automation segment today. More exciting pages will follow.

If you are looking for complete systems or complex assemblies for your process automation, simply pay a visit to You’ll find even more solutions from us there. 

Stay tuned.