We think automatically

For over 50 years,
we have been thinking automation

Everything is precision manufactured, much of it is the result of custom engineering, and automation almost always plays a key role.

Many manufacturers of machines and systems as well as manufacturing and industrial companies rely on the immense experience that WASSERMANN have accumulated over decades. 

We develop and manufacture components, assemblies, and automation solutions.

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To the point –

some key information about us

  • Founded – 1969
  • Organization – owner-managed
  • Employees – 190
  • Apprentices – 16
  • Manufacturing area – 4500 m²
  • Assembly area – 3500 m² including flexible project areas
  • Certificates – DIN EN IS 9001; DIN EN ISO 14001; DIN EN 9100

A true family business – to this day

We do not just call ourselves a family business because we are owner-managed.
We consider our entire team of over 190 employees as part of the family.

We believe that acting together, taking responsibility together, and working towards success together is what makes a family business.

At WASSERMANN, everyone plays their part to ensure that our customers are satisfied and convinced by WASSERMANN. This customer satisfaction is an important cornerstone for continuous growth because many new contacts at WASSERMANN are a result of our customers’ recommendations.

Our way of working also follows the tradition of a family business. We value honesty and open communication. We are always a fair partner for our team, our customers, suppliers, and cooperating institutions.

We stand by what we say and keep our promises.
Simply reliable. Simply WASSERMANN.

The history of WASSERMANN – flexibility, courage, reliability

It all started in Eichenzell in eastern Hesse in 1969.

When it was founded, the company was called HPI, but one Wassermann was already part of it: Helmut Wassermann, father of today’s managing director. Word of the competence of the young company quickly got around, the order intake increased, the company expanded – and modernized.

In 1976, HPI moved to their first own factory building at Rhön Industriepark in Eichenzell and introduced CNC technology in production shortly afterwards.

With this move, HPI showed courage for innovation.

Anyone who ventured into this new form of manufacturing in the 1970s was regarded as a pioneer. This courage was rewarded: With the CNC-based machines, the company continued its successful path and further expanded its infrastructure in Eichenzell. In 1980, the medium-sized company opened up a new field of application by starting system manufacturing for vacuum technology. Five years later, HPI started manufacturing cams, quickly proving its high level of competence in this challenging field as well.

Another big step was taken just before the turn of the millennium: In 1999, the company ventured into tool automation with their first tool changer, developed and manufactured in-house.

This was a new field of business in which the automation company from Eichenzell quickly made a name for itself among OEMs and machine tool manufacturers.

In 2004, the Wassermann family became the sole shareholder and in 2013 the company name changed to WASSERMANN TECHNOLOGIE GmbH. Construction of plant 2 started in 2012, rapidly expanding the capacities of the company. But space soon became scarce again, prompting WASSERMANN to purchase a neighboring property with four production buildings in 2019.

50 years after its foundation, the small company had already grown into a medium-sized enterprise.

Company anniversary – 50 years of WASSERMANN

On the first weekend of September 2019, we celebrated our anniversary with business partners and our employees.

Watch the video to learn more about the family, about the challenges that lead to sleepless nights, and about the handover to the next generation.

Let the family guide you through 50 years of WASSERMANN.

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Becker Engineering is part of the family.

At the end of 2020, the WASSERMANN portfolio expanded again: Becker Engineering, a specialist for programming and control systems, became part of the WASSERMANN family.

With the skills of Becker Engineering, we can offer our customers even more services and meet specific customer demands for software, control systems, function enhancements in machines, control interfaces, and much more.

The best challengers – our customers

We are quite proud when we look through the list of the industries from which our customers come.

Because it should not be taken for granted that a medium-sized, family-run company gets to work for such a variety of high-tech industries: machine tools, displays and optics, semiconductors, medicine, pharma and hygiene, printing, packaging and food, aerospace, plant engineering, energy and battery systems.

For us, this is proof of our versatility and of the high quality that we provide to our customers. Our customers reward this quality with new challenges and long-term collaboration.

The pressure to innovate is continuously high for customers from all industries. We are therefore pleased that some of these industries have been relying on the know-how of our employees for decades.

By the way: As most of our customers operate internationally, WASSERMANN products are reaching markets worldwide.

We have an export quota of over 80 percent.
Our commitment to our home in the state of Hesse is 100 percent.

Automation – manufactured in-house

It took around 30 years for WASSERMANN to come up with the idea of developing and manufacturing tool changers. A good helping of coincidence.

In the 1990s, Helmut Wassermann purchased a new milling machine. It came from a renowned manufacturer and met all the expectations that the company owner had for milling tasks. Only the performance of the machine’s tool changer was not quite right.

It was not the first machine that Wassermann Senior had purchased from this manufacturer. It was a longstanding relationship, the business partners knew each other, and Helmut Wassermann was not one to mince his words. And so he openly addressed the deficits of the installed tool changer with his contact, who was also the manufacturer’s Head of Development. The Head of Development, however, did not quite share Wassermann’s objections and replied: “Well, you guys manufacture cams, so if you can do it better, why don’t you present us your solution?”

Helmut Wassermann did not have to hear that twice. His company developed a cam-controlled tool changer that was so convincing that WASSERMANN technology is used for tool changing in machines from many well-known manufacturers today.

This tool changer was the foundation of our entire automation division.

Welcome to WASSERMANN We think automation.

Strong support – our partners

It is our mission to offer our customers everything from a single source.

This level of service, however, requires strong, reliable partners who get to work, find solutions, and always look forward.

WASSERMANN can rely on a strong network of value-added partners. These partners support us with their capabilities and have become part of the WASSERMANN family over the years. This support takes us much further than we could go on our own.

Having the right partners allows us to redefine limits and achieve more. We value our partners, the open and honest communication with them, and the great commitment to our objectives.

You are brilliant!

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