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Robotics solutions
for loading tasks

Automation for large quantities and few variants

Robotics are often the right solution for workpiece automation if you are manufacturing large quantities with low variance. In these cases, robots can even be more economically efficient than clamping systems. We support you if you want to automate the loading of machines or storage systems.

We can link robots to almost any existing machine.

That means: You create a great potential for flexible application solutions. If planned correctly, you can use your robots on several systems and automate where it is most needed.

Easily expand the automation options of your machine – all the way to unmanned production. We automate the loading of our powerful terminal storage systems for your tools, pallets, and workpieces.

We help you to get the maximum impact from your robotics solution.

Keep many options open. The robot-based WORK-R meets the highest requirements in automated production. Let us talk about your expectations.

CNC automation – robotics solutions for loading tasks

Your advantages

Immense efficiency – even for the footprint

  • Space-saving – high tool density, e.g. 552 tools on only 3.5 m²!
  • All-rounder – for all common tool mounts
  • Open – interfaces to tool management, tool setup, and production
  • Economical – short amortization period
  • Market-oriented – complex jobs with existing machines
  • Productive – reducing downtime with sister tools
  • Attractive – a modern production environment for your team
  • Demand-based – three basic architectures for flexible configurations

CNC automation from WASSERMANN TECHNOLOGIE GmbH Customized solutions for your production

Why CNC automation?

Practical CNC automation – experience meets innovation

Efficient modernization with CNC automation

We are already certain: We have what you are looking for.

Can’t see the right robotics solution? Custom solution required?

Three architectures for your robotics solution

WORK-R: the flexible robot solutions for workpiece handling at the terminal

The WORK-R terminal from WASSERMANN is perfect for all subtractive manufacturing providers who want to automate in complex conditions.

The robot unit makes WORK-R highly versatile because it can interact with different production machines, regardless of the manufacturer. It can be used in different areas in production and meets the highest requirements for precision and versatility in automatic loading of workpieces on machine tools.

WORK-R is completely configurable. Talk to us so we can analyze together which configuration is the best for your production.

WORK-F: the combination terminal for almost anything

TOOL-R: robot solutions for tool handling