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The Place Where Quality Is Born

The Place Where Quality Is Born

Manufacturing at WASSERMANN


Our own production floor has always been the basis at WASSERMANN. We believe that those who manufacture themselves think differently about design and develop a different view of the optimization potential of components. Furthermore, in-house production allows us to greatly reduce development times – and development also plays a fundamental role here at WASSERMANN. 

That's why we’re a bit proud of our manufacturing department, where highly trained teams produce components of outstanding quality on more than 3,000 square meters of space using state-of-the-art machining centers, precision grinding technology, and precise measuring and testing equipment. By the way, we are also perfectly prepared for heavy loads – we can safely handle parts and system weights of up to 10 tons.  

Automation in Our Own Production Facility

We use a great deal of our own technology in WASSERMANN’s in-house manufacturing operations. This is not only daily confirmation to us that our solutions are efficient and reliable, but also allows us to produce more efficiently.  

We have automated the following machines with WASSERMANN terminals: 

  • Hedelius BC 100/50: Existing system retrofitted with a TOOL-S tool terminal
  • DMG Mori DMU 125P: fully equipped with a TOOL-D tool terminal from WASSERMANN
  • Grob G350 and Grob G150: complete automation with TOOL-D tool magazine and WORK-S pallet magazine
  • Hyundai WIA LM 1800: automation with WORK-R robotic cell
    View TERMINAL series

    Turning and Turn-Milling

    Our eight turning and turn-milling centers process workpieces ranging from tiny to quite large. We can manufacture everything for you, from small parts with a diameter of 6 mm to large components with a diameter of up to 800 mm.

    With state-of-the-art automation and precision robot handling, we can produce parts quickly and with reproducible high quality. We guarantee tolerances between 0.01 and 0.03 mm. 

    Our Fleet of Machines

    Turn-Milling MachinesDiameterLAutomation
    Index R 300400600Bar feeder D 100
    DMG CTX Gamma 2000 TC3602,050 
    OKUMA CNC MACTURN 506101,500 
    Index G2502501,400 
    DMG CTX 6208002000 
    DMG CTX 510 eco V36801050Bar feeder D 76
    SEILO CONTUR H-66 P-30006603000 
    Hyundai WIA LM 1800 TTSY210673Bar feeder D 76, Terminal WORK-R

    Milling and Hard Milling

    We have up to thirteen milling centers running on our production floor, some with 5-axis machining and with fully automated tool and pallet handling from WASSERMANN. 

    Feel free to use for you large components – the maximum workpiece dimensions are 5,000 x 3,000 mm. The tolerances range from 0.04 to 0.08 mm. 

    Our Fleet of Machines

    Milling5 SidesXYZAutomation
    UNISIGN Uniport 6005,0003,0001,000 
    DECKEL MAHO DMF 360-II 3,6001,100900 
    DECKEL MAHO DMU 200 P1,8002,0001,100 
    DECKEL MAHO DMC 160 U1,6001,2501,000 
    DECKEL MAHO DMU 125 P -11,250800800 
    DECKEL MAHO DMU 125 P-21,250800800Terminal TOOL-D


    Milling5 SidesXYZAutomation
    DECKEL MAHO DMC 100U1,0001,2501,000 
    HEDELIUS BC 100/50 3,5001,000770Terminal TOOL-S
    EMCOMAT FB-600 600400400 
    GROB G350600855755Terminal WORK-S & TOOL-D
    GROB G150450670665Terminal WORK-S & TOOL-D


    WASSERMANN has seven units for surface, cylindrical, and cam grinding.

    This enables us to process surfaces with tolerances between 0.02 and 0.03 mm and achieve mean roughness depths (Rz) of up to 0.8. 

    Particularly in the production of cams, the grinding process tips the scales. Where the capabilities of hard milling are no longer sufficient, grinding achieves the required quality levels in the performance and service life of a cam.

    We have decades of experience and the necessary grinding technology to get the most out of cams. 


    Our Fleet of Machines

    Cylindrical GrindingPeak WidthPeak Height
    Studer S41 CNC1,600275
    Studer S33 CNC1,000175
    Cam GrindingXYZDiameter
    Kopp SK 22CNC650250300900
    Kopp FSK 35 CNC1,2002856001,200


    Surface GrindingXYZDiameter
    REFORM CNC300300200 
    REFORM CNC Rotary Table   1,100
    MACO RT 400300500  


    Measurement and Testing Technology

    We not only promise quality, but we also back it up on the basis of verifiable criteria. To do so, we equipped our production floor with state-of-the-art measuring and testing technology. We can comprehensively test parts and systems for quality on the basis of numerous measurement parameters and accurately record all of the results. We always provide you with transparent quality documentation. 

    We leverage our measurement and testing expertise not only for the components we manufacture, but also for your products upon request. Simply get in touch with us and let us know which tests you would like us to carry out. 

    Our Fleet of Machines

    Coordinate Measuring EquipmentXYZ
    ZEISS Prismo 16/30/101,6003,0001,000
    MITUTOYO Crysta-Apex9001,600800
    FaroArm Platinum3,7003,7003,700
    Customer-Specific Tests e.g.
    Insulation tests
    Pressure tests with nitrogen or water
    Vacuum testing & leak detection


    Other Measuring and Testing Equipment
    Keyence XM-T1000: 600 x 500 x 200 measuring range
    MITUTOYO Profile Projector PV-5100 with QM-Data 200 data processor
    MITUTOYO SJ-400 surface roughness tester
    MarSurf PS 10 surface tester
    2x MITUTOYO LH 600 E height gauge
    SPECTRO Spectrotest JR spectral analyzer
    Krautkrämer Branson “Microdur II” hardness tester
    Vacuum testing equipment (10-8 spray test, integral test HV 1), test equipment: Leybold Phoenix L300i/Pfeiffer Vacuum
    ASM 340


    Calm hands, inner serenity, and a great deal of experience are essential in this specialized field of manufacturing. 

    If shapes deviate minimally from the plan due to stresses in the raw material, we make the necessary corrections – so that guide rails, frames, and racks achieve geometric perfection. Straightening is the only way to unlock the maximum performance potential of your machines for you and your customers.

    Straightening increases the wear resistance of your machine parts and thus the process quality. Straightening plays a particularly important role in high-speed processes because it ensures that rapidly rotating parts run smoothly.


    Our manufacturing team assembles mechanical and electromechanical assemblies on more than 3700 square meters. We have installed flexible and expandable project areas specifically for this purpose. For high quantities or series deliveries, we work according to the one-piece flow model.

    What distinguishes us from our competitors is that everyone on our team is skilled worker. After all, quality comes from qualifications. 

    We assemble in a clean environment according to VDA 19 and meet cleanliness level 1. We plan to begin operating our new Level 2 clean room in March 2023.

    Assembly at WASSERMANN is always a clean affair. 

    Assembly AreasSpace
    Flexible project areasApprox. 800 m²
    Optimized serial assemblyApprox. 450 m²
    AutomationApprox. 900 m²
    ServiceApprox. 250 m²
    •  Our assembly can handle parts with a maximum weight of 10 tons.
    Cleaning SystemsTechnical Specifications 
    ECOCLEAN EcoCwave  
    ROLL ultrasonic cleaning system700 x 600 x 350 mm 
    SPORER cleaning system  
    Bio-Circle parts washer  



    We work with anything that looks like metal. Our production team brings steel, stainless steels, aluminum, nonferrous metals, castings, and many other materials perfectly into shape. In addition, we give 3D-printed metal parts the final finish with precise post processing.  

    There is one particular material, however, that we deliberately do not machine: plastic. But in our large network, we know more than one company that can do this exceptionally well. 

    We just love the sound of metal. 


    We know exactly when and where everything is going on in our production facilities, because state-of-the-art digitalization means that our production processes are fully transparent at all times. We have a real-time view of every machine and its availability. We perform downtime optimization and performance monitoring.

    This is why we can plan precisely, promise customers that we will meet deadlines with certainty, and manufacture sophisticated parts at attractive prices.

    View software and controllers

    This Is Just the Beginning

    More information, a modern look, and clearly structured sections organized by topic – WASSERMANN is redesigning its website step by step. 

    Our primary objective is to help our customers find the right automation solutions more quickly. 

    This is the prelude to a completely new website. But before it launches, we want to provide detailed insights into our tool and workpiece automation segment today. More exciting pages will follow.

    If you are looking for complete systems or complex assemblies for your process automation, simply pay a visit to You’ll find even more solutions from us there. 

    Stay tuned.