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Milling Machines

Our tool changing systems for milling machines can meet a variety of special requirements. These include, for example, additional cavities to be able to change the milling head, switching to horizontal and vertical spindles, or two different tool holders. The systems are stationary or can travel with the gantry.

Milling Machines
Tool Changing System0112
Number of tools90
Tool holderHSK-63 and SK-50
Special feature(s)Two different tool holders in one system, can be implemented with the same gripper                 
Tool Changing System0205
Number of tools68
Tool holderHSK-63
Special feature(s)With cost-optimized plastic grippers and with optional housing                 
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Tool Changing System0259
Number of tools80
Tool holderCapto C6
Special feature(s)Triangular magazine shape, tools protrude from the magazine similar to the spines of a hedgehog             
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