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Value Creators

Value Creators

Box Seats for Your Workpieces

In WASSERMANN’s pallet TERMINALs, workpieces take center stage in the production line. From here they automatically guide each individual workpiece into the machine’s machining area and back again. A pallet TERMINAL ensures that machines with an internal tool magazine large enough for upcoming production runs are ready for unmanned production. Get the most out of your machines!

Get Your Machines up to Speed

Your advantages with pallet TERMINALs from WASSERMANN:  

  • Productive: greater throughput with the same number of people
  • Space-saving: high pallet density with small footprint
  • Cost-effective: short amortization period quickly leads to an improved bottom line 
  • Time-efficient: pallet setup during machining operations and quick pallet changes  
  • Competitive: ready for unmanned shifts 
  • Needs-based: configurable capacity and handling
  • Heavy-duty: high transfer weights up to 800 kg  
  • Versatile: can be used with multiple machines and machining centers

Six Architectures for Your Workpiece Storage

Configure our modular system according to your needs. Select the design of your workpiece storage unit based on your desired capacity. Afterwards, you have many more options for configuring storage locations, pallet sizes, travel distances, and more. 


S as in shelf: the compact, economical shelf storage system for up to 44 pallets that can be combined with almost all machines. 

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D as in drum: the drum magazine with the fastest provisioning times, high workpiece density, a small footprint, and outstanding compatibility.

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L as in linear: the high-capacity modular storage solution in a straight line that can chain together multiple machines.

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B as in bulk: combines features from Work-S and Work-L for even more workpieces and higher packing densities.

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F as in flexible: cost-effectively bring workpieces, pallets, and tools together in a single system!

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R as in robot: the versatile loading system for complex workpiece automation requirements. 

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Make the
Most Competitive
Offer on
the Market

Impress potential customers with an offer they can’t refuse. Automating workpieces increases your productivity, especially when working with large quantities – for example through unmanned shifts. You can pass on the resulting savings to your customers and thereby make them the most competitive offer.


for Mass Production

Make things easy on yourself. The workpiece terminals from WASSERMANN are equipped with strong mechanical systems. This allows them to move even high transfer weights of up to 800 kg precisely to your machine. The optional setup station is designed according to ergonomic criteria so that you can comfortably load the terminal, even with massive workpieces.   


Your Efficiency

One for many – use your TERMINAL for multiple machines. They can supply different production runs with different workpieces simultaneously from a central infrastructure. This allows you to scale the automation effects across your production floor with a single investment. 

Let’s Begin
Working on Your
Solution Today!  

Every new project starts with an inquiry. Take the first step and tell us about your challenge. At WASSERMANN, you’ll encounter people who are passionate about technical solutions and always want to push the boundaries of what is possible. 

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This Is Just the Beginning

More information, a modern look, and clearly structured sections organized by topic – WASSERMANN is redesigning its website step by step. 

Our primary objective is to help our customers find the right automation solutions more quickly. 

This is the prelude to a completely new website. But before it launches, we want to provide detailed insights into our tool and workpiece automation segment today. More exciting pages will follow.

If you are looking for complete systems or complex assemblies for your process automation, simply pay a visit to You’ll find even more solutions from us there. 

Stay tuned.