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Efficient Storage Solution

Efficient Storage Solution

Your Tools Would Say “I Do”

WASSERMANN’s tool TERMINALs simplify and automate machining processes. As a free-standing solution, they hold up to 9,000 tools and save time during setup. Optional interfaces for tool data further increase process reliability. As a magazine for machining centers, TERMINALs automate many sub-processes associated with tool changes in just a few square meters. Add additional unmanned spindle hours to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Transform Order into Productivity

Take advantage of WASSERMANN’s tool TERMINALs for tool management and machining:  

  • Space-saving: high tool density, e.g., 552 tools in only 3.5 m²!
  • A generalist: can be used with all common tool holders 
  • Compatible: tool storage with interfaces to tool management, tool presetting, and production
  • Cost-effective: quickly pays for itself 
  • Market-driven: complex orders with existing machines 
  • Productive: Reduce downtime with sister tools    
  • Attractive: state-of-the-art manufacturing environment for your team  
  • Meets your specific needs: three basic architectures for flexible configurations

Three Architectures for Your Tool Storage

Configure our modular system according to your needs. Select the design of your tool storage unit based on your desired capacity range. Afterwards, specify details such as the exact capacity, holders, tool length, and other features. 


S as in shelf: the compact shelf system for up to 350 tools that can be combined with almost all machines. 

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D as in drum: the standard version of this space-saving powerhouse with its patented multidrum can hold up to 552 tools – or even more, if desired.

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L as in linear: storage space for well over 500 tools, the maximum capacity depends primarily on the available space.

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Keep You

Machining operations are becoming more demanding and require far more tools than in the past. This means many existing machines no longer offer enough tool storage space. A TERMINAL allows you to expand your storage capacity and use your machine to efficiently complete even complex jobs without manual tool changes. This keeps your machines in the race.  


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into the

If you are planning to feed workpieces to your machining centers automatically, then a tool TERMINAL offers considerable additional benefits. The additional storage capacity allows your machine to use more tools. This means even more possibilities in unmanned production. 



Long production runs, large quantities, or jobs with high tool wear trigger costly downtime. With a TERMINAL, your tools are switched out automatically – even sister tools. This reduces downtime and prevents skilled personnel from being tied up by routine tasks. 

How You Can Use Your Tool TERMINAL 

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Working on Your
Solution Today!  

Every new project starts with an inquiry. Take the first step and tell us about your challenge. At WASSERMANN, you’ll encounter people who are passionate about technical solutions and always want to push the boundaries of what is possible. 

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This Is Just the Beginning

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Our primary objective is to help our customers find the right automation solutions more quickly. 

This is the prelude to a completely new website. But before it launches, we want to provide detailed insights into our tool and workpiece automation segment today. More exciting pages will follow.

If you are looking for complete systems or complex assemblies for your process automation, simply pay a visit to You’ll find even more solutions from us there. 

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