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The Terminals
That Launch
Market Successes 

The Terminals
That Launch
Market Successes 

Your Spindles Will Never Rest Again  

This is how to make your machines more profitable. The TERMINAL series from WASSERMANN introduces the most efficient way to store and automatically activate tools and workpieces. As a stand-alone solution, a single TERMINAL can store thousands of tools. Extended by transfer modules, it autonomously supplies machines with tools or workpieces – or both. Use automation to lay the foundations for more successful manufacturing processes. Configure your TERMINAL today.

Workpiece Storage

Automated workpiece feeding – for new and existing machines. 

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Tool Storage

Store tools securely and activate them fully automatically for production. 

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Get More Out of Your Machines

The TERMINAL series offers a comprehensive suite of benefits that can be extended to meet your specific needs. 

  • Store: small footprint with space for up to 9,000 tools 
  • Add: greater capacity for internal tool magazines 
  • Scale: supply magazine for multiple machine tools
  • Size: always with capacity according to demand 
  • Optimize: with setup station that can be used during machining operations, if desired
  • Integrate: customized controller and software
  • Modernize: attractive working environment for skilled employees  

Working With 
Your Controllers

Siemens, Heidenhain, or Fanuc controller – a TERMINAL from WASSERMANN speaks many languages. Our team customizes interfaces, controllers, and software for each TERMINAL according to your needs. Your TERMINAL will get along perfectly with your machine’s controller and with your process control system.


Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big

Size your TERMINAL according to your needs. The TERMINAL series from WASSERMANN is based on a carefully engineered modular concept. This is why you don’t have to choose between small, medium, or large, but rather define the desired capacity via the storage architectures, of which there are three to choose from for tools and six for workpieces. In addition, the capacity can be defined by the number of levels or modules. 


Remain Appealing to Skilled Workers

Remain an attractive employer that offers an exciting work environment with state-of-the-art, automated workstations. In the competition for skilled workers, work processes, work schedules, and new technologies play a major role. Companies that continue to develop will find it easier to attract skilled workers and retain them longer. The TERMINAL series from WASSERMANN goes a long way toward making a work environment interesting.

Two Terminals Connected to a GROB G 352

WASSERMANN implemented the entire process automation for a GROB G 352. 

A TERMINAL TOOL-D for tools with triple drum and HSK-A 63 holders offers space for 552 tools. The workpieces and finished products are stored in a pallet TERMINAL for 44 pallets measuring 400 x 400 mm. At the ergonomic setup station, production runs can be prepared during machining operations. WASSERMANN connected both TERMINALs to the host computer’s PROCAM software with order, tool, pallet, and NC program management. 

Cam Technology – Mechanical Precision without Air or Servo 

Few components, short cycle times, extreme precision, long service life, and low maintenance – the advantages of cams over pneumatics and servo technology are often underestimated. And yet cam technology is ideal for pick-and-place and many other processes. We offer cam and cam gear analysis, design, and manufacturing from a single source.  

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Our primary objective is to help our customers find the right automation solutions more quickly. 

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