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Let’s just focus on the essentials here – customer success. In the more than five decades since WASSERMANN was founded, we’ve accumulated many more references than we could ever mention here. That’s why we’ll briefly sum everything up in twelve words: numerous customers from numerous industries have solved numerous manufacturing problems with us. A small selection can be found here. 

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A Mature Solution: Tire Building Drum
Manufacturing tires layer by layer is all about precision and speed. The tire building drums that we optimized for a renowned tire manufacturer ensure that they achieve both. In addition, we offer to make existing tire building drums more productive via retrofitting. For greater efficiency without having to purchase any expensive new machines.
Customer One of the top three tire manufacturers
Product segment Complex assemblies 
Industry Automotive 
Request Maximum precision and speed
Customer benefit Component optimization reduced wear. This resulted in longer service life as well as higher availability due to less downtime.
High-Precision Clamps for Joining Technology
Lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important in car body manufacturing. Many of the material pairings used for this purpose can no longer be welded together, but are instead joined using processes such as punch riveting. For this purpose, we mill precise punched rivet clamps from high-alloy steels – with short throughput times, high availability, and within the dimensional tolerances customary for automotive applications.
Customer Manufacturer of connecting and joining technology
Product segment Complex assemblies 
Industry Automotive 
Request Maximum precision and availability
Customer benefit Maximum flexibility in the procurement of ready-to-install assemblies
Complex Assemblies for the Beverage Industry
Some customers come to us with finished, patented designs because they simply want to take advantage of our manufacturing expertise. We reengineered this design for a leading press manufacturer in line with production requirements and then manufactured, assembled, and delivered the complex components. The assemblies help boost output in an automated beverage can manufacturing process.
Customer Schuler
Product segment Complete systems and equipment 
Industry Foodstuffs 
Request Optimize and implement an existing design
Customer benefit Translated designs into technically feasible and ready-to-use systems
Adding a Night Shift – With No Employees
At the four-person operation Fertigungstechnik Scheld, the chips now also fly at night – fully automatically and cost-effectively from a batch size of one. To achieve this, we equipped a brand new GROB G 350a machining center from the Access series with a Work-R pallet terminal, adapted the control system, and had the whole thing up and running within three days.
Customer Fertigungstechnik Scheld
Product segment Tool/workpiece handling 
Industry Machining  Mechanical engineering 
Request More efficient manufacturing process
Customer benefit Additional shifts with the same number of employees
Zur Erfolgsgeschichte
Process Automation for Medical Technology
We created complete systems for a leading medical technology company that are used to fill infusion bags or test them for leaks. Our customer supplied the design, we manufactured the parts and assembled the systems. Our customer can now automatically fill the bags in a sterile state or inspect the quality of the bags – all within a short cycle time.
Customer Leading medical technology company
Product segment Complete systems and equipment 
Industry Medicine, pharmaceuticals, and hygiene 
Request Ready-to-install systems that meet stringent industry standards
Customer benefit Reliable implementation of time-critical projects with experienced partner
Tampon Press Output Increased by 20 Percent
We optimized the presses used to produce tampons for a well-known pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer. The goal was to increase output. The end result was an increase of 20 percent. With individually calculated and manufactured cam gears, we have overlapped movements in the pressing process and thereby considerably accelerated reset processes.
Customer Leading pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer
Product segment Complex assemblies 
Industry Medicine, pharmaceuticals, and hygiene 
Request Process optimization
Customer benefit Output increased by 20 percent and high reliability
Changing Systems According to OEM Specifications
We developed ready-to-install systems to automate tools for WEINGÄRTNER’s mpmc series of machines. The systems consist of a cam-controlled tool changer, a sprocket chain magazine, and a linear unit. They are optimized for the available installation space and change tools up to 50 kg in weight and 1200 mm in length.
Customer Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH
Product segment Tool changing systems 
Industry Machine tool manufacturing 
Request Significant reduction in workpiece changing times
Customer benefit Higher machine output with defined design specifications
Vacuum-Sealed Drive Systems for Sputtering Systems
In the systems used by the market leader in the semiconductor industry to coat glass for displays, our drive systems rotate the cathodes on which the coating material is placed. The rotation allows the precious material to be efficiently transferred from the cathode to the glass. The challenge is that because this process known as sputtering takes place in a vacuum, the surfaces of the drive units must close to form a tight seal. That’s why we fully vacuum-test all our drive units for leaks.
Customer Market leader in the semiconductor industry
Product segment Complex assemblies 
Industry Vacuum and coating technology 
Request On-time delivery of vacuum-sealed components in large quantities
Customer benefit Individual, customized products with maximum technical precision and precise reproducibility in large quantities
Workpieces in Flow
WASSERMANN components are also found in machines from GLEASON, a specialist in gear cutting technology. Our workpiece changers, for example, automate the handling of cylindrical workpieces in the 130H and 210H vertical gear hobbing machines. Another component equipped in Gleason machines: the SCARA arm from WASSERMANN.
Customer Gleason Corporation
Product segment Workpiece changers 
Industry Machine tool manufacturing 
Request Significant reduction in workpiece changing times
Customer benefit Higher machine output with defined design specifications
Software-Based Temperature Compensation
In CNC-controlled machine tools, machine components can expand under the effects of heat. Depending on the temperature, the actual positions of the axes change, which leads to inaccuracies. These deviations are compensated for using WASSERMANN’s temperature compensation. For this purpose, the relevant parameters are always transmitted anew from the PLC to the CNC controller by the PLC. We implement temperature compensation for Sinumerik 840D and Heidenhain TNC controllers exactly according to the machine manufacturer’s specifications.
Customer Market leader in mechanical engineering
Product segment Software 
Industry Mechanical engineering 
Request Software for processing complex influencing variables and measurement data
Customer benefit Competitive advantages through the enhanced precision of the machining centers
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