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Transporting Value

Transporting Value

Bringing Workpieces into the Center of Your Value Creation Process

A workpiece changer from WASSERMANN has the workpieces used in a production run firmly under its control. As a result, your machine has what it takes to process production orders independently – namely automated feeding and removal of the workpiece. Secure this advantage on behalf of your customers. It has never been so easy to automatically increase the pace of production.

Make Your Machines Stand Out from the Competition

With powerful performance characteristics and unique additional features, WASSERMANN’s workpiece automation makes your machines even more attractive to the market.  

  • Expandable: variable workpiece sizes possible using adapters 
  • Versatile: loading hatch can be optionally automated via changer 
  • Reliable: integrated crash protection
  • Fast: changeover time of as little as 0.5 seconds      
  • Powerful: workpiece weights up to 2x 20 kg 
  • Flexible: multiple actuator controllers available


The Versatile Solution for Even More Automation

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Dual Grippers

The Grippers with Sensor Technology and Added Safety

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The Grippers for Particularly Fast Changeover Times

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Loading Gantries

For Individually Definable Additional Features When Changing Workpieces

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Grippers with

The grippers on a WASSERMANN workpiece changer know when to stop. They are equipped with a reliable sensor system that prevents the grippers from bumping against the workpiece during operation. Effective protection against costly impacts.  


Why Not
a Little
Bit More?

WASSERMANN’s workpiece changers will gladly perform additional tasks at your request. For example, we developed a changer with a built-in rolled part inspection unit that directly rejects defective parts. We just automatically think of more.


to Drive

We offer ready-to-install production models but also develop customized solutions for your machine. For example, you can choose from several drive controls: cam-controlled, hydraulic, pneumatic, or combined drive systems. Your workpiece changer will always impress your customers with its fast changeover time and high degree of precision.

Workpiece Changer for Gear Cutting Technology

In the Gleason Genesis 130 and 210 gear hobbing machines, cam-controlled workpiece changers from WASSERMANN are used to change the gears and shafts. High-precision handling for gear cutting technology.

Let’s Begin
Working on Your
Solution Today!  

Every new project starts with an inquiry. Take the first step and tell us about your challenge. At WASSERMANN, you’ll encounter people who are passionate about technical solutions and always want to push the boundaries of what is possible. 

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This Is Just the Beginning

More information, a modern look, and clearly structured sections organized by topic – WASSERMANN is redesigning its website step by step. 

Our primary objective is to help our customers find the right automation solutions more quickly. 

This is the prelude to a completely new website. But before it launches, we want to provide detailed insights into our tool and workpiece automation segment today. More exciting pages will follow.

If you are looking for complete systems or complex assemblies for your process automation, simply pay a visit to You’ll find even more solutions from us there. 

Stay tuned.