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Horizontal and Vertical Turning

These solutions allow you to equip vertical lathes with two tool changing systems for two spindles, for example. They can withstand high mechanical loads and are also suitable for large tools weighing up to 50 kg and 1200 mm in length.

Tool Changing System0316
Number of tools120
Tool holderHSK-100
Special feature(s)Tool lengths up to 1,200 mm interchangeable                                                                                                                      
Tool Changing System0261
Number of tools24
Tool holderKM-100
Special feature(s)The changer is mounted on a linear axis that can be adjusted depending on the distance to the spindle
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Tool Changing System0322
Number of tools40
Tool holderCapto C10
Special feature(s)Optionally available with enclosure                                                                                                                                       
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This Is Just the Beginning

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