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For Medium-Sized Tools

These tool changers are the right choice for tool holder sizes HSK-50 to HSK-63 as well as the corresponding sizes of the other holders.

If the specification you require is not listed, it is best to contact WASSERMANN directly. We will find a solution for you!

Hook Gripper
Tool Changer0226
Tool weight2x 15 kg
Tool diameter140 mm
Tool length550 mm
Swivel radius380 mm
Tool holderCapto C6
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Tool Changer0293
Tool weight2x 12 kg
Tool diameter95 mm
Tool length350 mm
Swivel radius670 mm
Tool holderHSK-63
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Tool Changer0205
Tool weight2x 8 kg
Tool diameter140 mm
Tool length400 mm
Swivel radius330 mm
Tool holderHSK-63
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Fork Gripper
Tool Changer0269
Tool weight2x 15 kg
Tool diameter200 mm
Tool length390 mm
Swivel radius350 mm
Tool holderHSK-80
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Tool Changer0252
Tool weight2x 5 kg
Tool diameter50 mm
Tool length300 mm
Swivel radius260 mm
Tool holderHSK-63
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